We are an interactive and hands on learning incursion that comes to you.

"If this isn’t the best incursion I have experienced in all my years of teaching, then it is certainly right up there."

- Sherbourne Primary School

Our road safety program is a fun and interesting learning experience for all students from Prep to Grade 6. We teach passenger and pedestrian safety as well as awareness of roads and traffic.

Our lessons can be directly linked to Victorian Essential Learning Standards Level 1 through to Level 4.

The students drive specially designed small two seated electric cars. They also experience being a responsible pedestrian on our simulated pedestrian crossing by being involved in an interactive game. The older students will experience speed and forces in crash and passenger behaviour.

We teach all primary school students how to be pedestrian savvy. We can set up on your school grounds; all we need is half a basketball court or a similar surface.

We have full public liability insurance.

This would be one of the most affordable, beneficial and memorable incursions your school is likely to experience.

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