About Us

Kids Car Ed is a mobile traffic school that is designed to travel to Primary School to teach students the importance of Road Safety.

Our road safety program is a fun and interesting learning experience for all students from Prep to Grade 6. We teach students the importance of passenger and pedestrian safety as well as awareness of roads and traffic

The students drive specially designed small 2 seated electric cars. They also experience being a responsible pedestrian on our simulated pedestrian crossing by being involved in an interactive game. The older students will experience speed and forces in a crash and passenger behavior. We teach all primary students how to be pedestrian savvy.
We can set up in any school grounds. Our lessons can be directly linked to Victorian Essential Learning Standards Level 1 through to Level 4. We work in well with the program “Kids One The Move” (the education Departments recommended initiative on road safety). All we need is half a basketball court or a similar surface.

At Kids Car Ed we are not teaching the students to drive, we are in fact instilling in them that driving a car and using the roads is not something to be taken for granted. We give them an understanding of the physics of cars, motion, braking, concentration, etc.
We explore the responsibilities of drivers, passengers and pedestrians and get them to talk us through crossing the road with inexperienced drivers and the possible repercussions for them. Road Safety Education within our junior school system may be encouraged by the Education department but it is not mandated.
In this day and age, kids get to an age where they get to learn to drive, with the attitude of immortality developed from years of exposure to video and movies.

Unfortunately, 58.2 % of all child related deaths are directly related to our roads.1
This statistic identifies there is an over representation of young children in our road toll that is too often overlooked.
We need to put a stop to this, as the use of our roads is a part of our modern society. We have a responsibility as a society to treat road safety as a life skill and instill it into our youth as just that.

We, amongst many, are big believers in an early education to develop an attitude of safety and respect for the roads.

It has taken several years to put together all the elements required to make this program work, with public liability and work care challenges as well as a feasible structure and equipment, but we have finally achieved it and now just need to get Kids Car Ed out there to start making a difference.

All children have the right to be safe users of our roads. This has obvious implications on our society as a whole. We are looking for companies or corporations with a strong community focus that can see the real benefits of what we are striving to achieve. Opportunities are there for such Companies to expose and promote their social attitude through sponsorship.

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